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In order to facilitate and encourage the testing and deployment cycle of new tools and processes interacting with the Buzz UI and API, each buzzkey has a corresponding Sandbox (sbx) environment created in parallel. This will be accessible by adding 'sbx' to the end of your buzzkey.

For example, if your buzzkey is Customer you can use the following URLs:

Live Environment:

  • UI via a browser:
  • API Path:

Sandbox Environment:

  • UI via a browser:
  • API Path:

How it Works

The Sandbox is used for testing your workflows in Buzz, via the API and UI, and is therefore not connected to other components in the Beeswax architecture. You can test new releases or processes in a safe environment, and the sandbox is a great place to train new users on trafficking and conduct demos.

Capability✓or ✕
Utilize the Buzz API services to Create, Read, Update and Delete objects
Use the Buzz UI to create and amend objects
Create Users and assign Roles
Create and utilize new Accounts
Deliver impressions and spend
Utilize the Query Tool (as impressions can not serve or be stored)
Add users to segments via Segment Uploads or segment HTML tags

If you are an Administrator for your production Buzz Key, please contact Beeswax Support if you would like us to create the initial administrator login for your buzzkey sandbox.

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