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Rewarded (or Incentivized) Video is a type of video ad unit that the user opts into watching in exchange for in-app rewards. Rewarded video ad units are non-skippable and are typically 15-30 seconds long. This type of unit is a non-intrusive, user-centric ad experience that can also include a dynamic end card to increase engagement.

How it Works

TargetingEnvironment Type: in-app
Rewarded: true


Target Deal IDs curated to contain rewarded video
Use pre-existing targeting line items used for other targeting (mobile, tablet, etc.)

Combine device types into one line itemTarget post-roll or pre-roll
SizeUse video sizes 480x320 or 1024x768Use other sizes
PerformanceUse relevant KPIs to optimize towards such as CTR and CPC. Most users will complete the video by default to get the rewards, so completion rate is less tellingOptimize towards completion rate which will most likely be high by nature
CreativeUser creative 15-30s, non-skippableUse creative > 30s or skippable ads
Companion AdsInclude end cards. These units allow the user to engage with the ad and easily connect with the advertiser at the end of the content. End cards result in higher engagement rates that maximize the full potential of adsNot include companion end cards
Frequency CappingInclude frequency capping to ensure the users aren’t taking advantage of the ads for rewards in the game and to ensure it does not become disruptive to the userSet unlimited frequency
FormatUse VAST and high quality MP4
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