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The Beeswax Buzz UI and API provide a number of features that allow you to build a comprehensive self-service offering for your customers.

Self-Service Features


  • Beeswax offers multi-account functionality, which enables a single Buzz instance to support multiple business entities without any overlap of data. Individual accounts can be created for each of your customers, giving them access to your bidder within their own environment.
  • Access to all accounts can be enabled for specified users. Please contact your Beeswax representative to activate this setting.
  • More information on how to create and use multi-accounts can be found here.

Account Access & Custom User Roles

  • All users can access their account via either the API or the UI.
  • Custom role permissions enable you to create tailored account access for each of your customers, giving you full control over what objects each user can read, create, edit and delete within their account.
  • Access to reports, the fields available within each report and the field names can also be customised to each user role.
  • More information on how to create new custom roles can be found here.

Vendor Fees

  • If you want to apply a vendor fee by default for all accounts under your Buzz instance, please contact your Beeswax representative to enable the bid reduction setting. This setting will not be visible within the UI.
  • Visibility into vendor fees can also be restricted by amending the role permissions for users.
  • More information on vendor fees can be found here.

Whitelabeling UI and Domain

  • Buzz supports extensive white-labeling capabilities, where both the Buzz UI appearance and the UI domain can be changed. More information on how to whitelabel the UI and change the UI domain can be found here.

Sharing Segments

  • By default segments will be available only within the account they are created, however they may be shared between accounts within the same Buzz instance by the bidder owner. More information on segment sharing can be found here.

Support & Documentation

  • All self service users will have access to Beeswax API and support documentation. Training and any further support will need to be provided by the Beeswax customer.
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