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This feature must be enabled by the Beeswax team.  Please contact Support and your Account Manager if you are interested.

You can dynamically add a user to a given segment with a value from a website instead of installing a separate pixel for every possible segment. 

For example, if you are a retailer who wishes to pass us the brand name or product name (or a concatenation of both) when a user visits a product details page and add that user to a segment in the Beeswax platform, this solution will accommodate that use case.  

How it Works

1. Create a new Segment by clicking +New > Segment
2. Name the Segment whatever you wish
3. In the Alternative ID field, put whatever dynamic value you will be passing to us for that given segment. In order to minimize issues we would recommend using lowercase and not using spaces or special characters. If your existing key-value library includes those characters, we support this but would recommend some additional QA to make sure the names are being properly URL-escaped
4. Select the tag type "Javascript Tag Using Alternative ID to add users into a segment"

5. Click "Save & Generate Tag". The tag will look something like:

<img src="" height="0" width="0">

Note that account_id is a required parameter, unlike in a standard segment tag.

6. Install the pixel on the conversion page and use javascript or another technology to populate the segment alternative ID when the pixel is called on the page
Please note that this tag will lead to a 3XX redirect with additional parameters.

Using a single Segment Tag to populate multiple segments using Segment Alternative ID

Segment tags can be configured to add the user to multiple segment keys in their Beeswax bidding instance. This can be done by specifying more than one segment_alt_id parameter within the segment URL:

<img src="" height="0" width="0">

If you would like to specify a value to the user-segment association, this can be done by specifying the value parameter in the same order in which the segment_alt_ids are specified, for example:

If you want to assign a value of 1.5 to segment shamim and a value of 3.6 to ari, you can perform either of the below calls (as the order in which the values are specified is the same as the order in which the segment keys are specified):

Option 1:

<img src="" height="0" width="0">

Option 2:

<img src="" height="0" width="0">

If you would like to assign a value to some segments and not others, you will need to ensure that there is an empty &value= parameter specified for each segment being added to, to ensure the key-to-value order is preserved. The number of value parameters must equal the number of segment_alt_id parameters.

You may add a user to no more than 100 different segment keys in a single associate-segment call. This is a hard limit and cannot be increased.

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