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This page is dedicated resource of Beeswax training materials including both videos and documentation. The page will stay actively updated with relevant material in accordance with their release. For more information on Beeswax training materials, please contact your FreeWheel account team for access to FreeWheel Academy.

Webinar Links

Video LinkDescriptionAdditional Resources
Life of a Bid: The Beeswax ArchitectureUnderstand how an OpenRTB bid request and bid response flow through the Beeswax architecture.Beeswax Architecture / Life of a Bid
Beeswax Metamarkets Overview Learn more about the Metamarkets interface embedded within the Beeswax UI.Metamarkets Reporting
Platform Walkthrough (learning plan)How to create an Advertiser, Campaign & Line item.Create an Advertiser, Create a Campaign, Create a Line Item.
Basic Optimizations at BeeswaxSome basic tips to optimize your activity in Beeswax. This training includes quick wins, creative weights, contextual exclusion lists, bid modifiers.Creative Weighting

Bid Modifier Overview

How To Create Bid Modifiers
How to become a Power TraderSome top tips on how to trade using API's & Logs. Use the Docs link for detailed guidelines on how to get started with the Buzz API.Getting Started with the Buzz API

Beeswax Logs FAQs

Introduction to Antenna
Private Deal ManagementA demo and walkthrough of the tools Beeswax provides to make private deal management easier than ever.Deals and CPM Override for Deals
Line item TroubleshootingSome top tips to troubleshoot no delivery line items in the Beeswax UI.Troubleshooting Steps If Your Line Item is Not Delivering
Using Bid Decision FlowHow to use the Bid Decision Flow visualization to support line item troubleshooting and diagnostics.Bid Decision Flow

Setting up Activity in Beeswax

Video LinkDescriptionAdditional Resources
Creating an AdvertiserStep by Step instruction on how to create an advertiser in the Beeswax UI.Create an Advertiser
Creating a CampaignStep by Step instructions on how to create a campaign in the Beeswax UI. Create a Campaign
Creating a Line ItemStep by Step instructions on how to create a line item in the Beeswax UI.Create a Line Item
Creating an EventHow to create events in the UI to enable conversion tracking.Creating an Event Tag
Using Creative Add ons How to create and utilize the creative adds on feature to reduce workflow time & track additional metrics.Creative Add-ons
Vendor ManagementHow to create custom vendors and where to apply these on the campaign and line item level.

How to use different budget types to manage how you monitor your vendors costs.

How to see vendor fees in both the performance report and the vendor report.
Vendor Fees

Vendor Report

Performance Report
How to use ExperimentsThe easy solution at Beeswax to successfully A/B test across line items under a campaign.Experiments
Targeting V2A deep dive into our Targeting abilities on Line items.Line Items
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