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A Line Item is the workhorse of the Buzz system. It corresponds to a given buying activity, usually defined by a set of targeting criteria.

Line Items List View

Line Item Features

Line Item Preset

From the starting creation screen within Line Items, there will be an option to "Select Line Item Preset" at the top of the screen. This will display a list of selectable line item presets that have been created on the account. This is done by saving a line item as a preset after creation, allowing use of the same settings on a future preset.

Quick Stats

The Quick Stats panel appears on the right-side of the General, Targeting, Analytics, and Summary pages during Line Item creation. This table below displays the information found in Quick Stats.

Field NameDefinition
Bids & WinsThis graph pulls data of the past six hours of the line item performance.
On Schedule Index

This chart displays the following information:

  • Time % (Black bar calculation) - Hours remaining / Total hours 
  • Budget % (Progress bar calculation / Number on the bottom left) - (Total flight budget – Flight spend) / Total flight budget  
  • Index calculation -  Budget % / Time %
Start Date - End DateStart and End date of Line Item.
Total Budget/Daily BudgetDisplays two numbers of both the budget for the total Line Item, and current daily budget.
Total Spend/Remaining BudgetDisplays two numbers of both the total Spend and remaining budget of the Line Item.
Total ImpressionsTotal number of impressions recieved for this this Line Item so far.
Performance Report

This is a clickable link that curates a report from the last seven days with the following information:

  • Day
  • Creative ID
  • Impressions
  • Spend
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Video Complete Percent
Creatives AssociatedThe total number of Creatives associated with the Line Item.

Line Item Health Check

We enhanced our Line Item “Health Check” feature to provide users with better notifications upfront when their line item might not be serving. These notifications are displayed in the summary, targeting, creative association and summary tabs under the header. 

 Each notification on the summary page is a redirect link that redirects you to the page where the issue is occurring.

There are two main types of notifications:

  • Critical Notifications are displayed in red and should be fixed immediately
  • Severe Notifications display in yellow and identify line-item criteria that may prevent your line item from serving. Severe notifications are dismissible

For additional information on this feature, visit Line Item Doctor

In-Line Edit

You can edit a line item while on the Line Items list view page. To begin editing, toggle the Edit Mode button on the right side of the screen next to Manage Columns.

Edit mode provides the ability to quickly edit a single or multiple line items on the list view page. Once the toggle is enabled, you can edit the name, status, budget, start/end dates. Select which field you would like to edit and enter the new value in the field.

Click Save Change to save your updates or Cancel to disregard any edits you made.

Warning Opt-Out

The  "Warning Opt out" allows users to opt-out of warnings presented to them when configuring line items. Users can click the  "Don't ask me again" checkbox which will remove the warning from their workflow for faster line item enablement. 

 After a user clicks "Don't ask me again", the notification will re-appear on the following page for five seconds. In order to subscribe, click the desired checkbox and select "save anyway".

The bidding and winning columns have been consolidated into a new column called “Delivery Status”. The new column will display three main statuses that will show whether your line item is either: Winning, Not bidding, or not winning.

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