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Advertisers are companies or brands that are looking to promote products to a target audience. Advertisers will create campaigns for these products that define revenue objectives, target audience demographics, geographic locations, ad formats, budget allocation, and bidding strategies. Types of advertisers can include various types of businesses from small startups to multinational corporations, or agencies representing multiple advertisers.

When using Beeswax as a DSP to run advertising campaigns, a company will login to with created login credentials. If using the BaaS offering, a specific URL will be assigned to the company for their own bidder. Within either instance, multiple accounts and advertisers may exist. A use case for having more than one account or advertiser is having different customers under the main brand that need to be managed with separate campaign and reporting needs.

Accessing Advertisers Page

To access the Advertisers page, navigate to Trafficking > Advertisers at the top of the screen in Beeswax.

Advertisers List View

List View Fields

Column NameDescription
Name & IDThe associated name and ID for the Advertiser. Click the star to the left of the Advertiser name to "favorite" it. Filtering by favorite is an option within the list view.
CampaignsClickable field with a displayed number of campaigns assigned to the Advertiser.
Line ItemsClickable field with a displayed number of Line Items assigned to the Advertiser.
CreativesClickable field with a displayed number of Creatives assigned to the Advertiser.
StatusDisplaying as either Active or Inactive.
Today SpendTotal Spend for the specific day of viewing displayed numerically.
Lifetime SpendTotal Spend for the lifetime of the Campaign displayed numerically.
Today ImpressionsImpressions received the day of viewing displayed numerically.
Lifetime ImpressionsImpressions earned over the lifetime of a campaign displayed numerically.

Quick Filters Panel

Filter NameDescription
ActiveFilter by Active Advertisers only. 
Spent TodayFilter by Advertisers who have spent on the current day viewing.
Associated CampaignsCampaigns that may be associated to the Advertiser.
Favorites OnlyFilter by Advertisers who are selected as favorites (star to the left of the advertiser name).
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