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Within Beeswax, there are two key distinct concepts in relation to traffic: filtering and targeting.  Filtering refers to the way Beeswax selects which incoming traffic to send to a customer’s bidder.  Targeting refers to the way a customer can set individual line items to bid on specific sectors of inventory that the bidder is receiving.

Within the filtering set up, there is the possibility to utilize Advanced Filtering, or the filtering of traffic based on User IDs or IP addresses.  All filtering settings can be set as either INCLUDE or EXCLUDE.  Additionally, Beeswax supports the filtering of traffic based on lists uploaded to the Buzz UI or API.  Please let your team know if you would like to utilize this function and confer on what settings would be appropriate for your workflow.

Within the Buzz UI it is also possible to target individual Line Items around specific subsets of traffic.  This can be done within the Targeting Module of each line item.  Targeting will not affect the traffic that a bidder receives but will affect which bid requests a given line item will bid against.

Please note that regardless of what the QPS filtering is set to, you should ALWAYS also set targeting within a line item to exactly what you would want to bid against.

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