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What is Beeswax?

Beeswax enables automated media buying across the premium video and omnichannel advertising markets. It's buy-side bidder solutions help advertisers and buyers transact with the programmatic ecosystem. Beeswax's core offerings – Bidder-as-a-Service™ (BaaS) and the Beeswax DSP – provide clients with agility, custom optimizations, and extensible APIs.

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For Beeswax API-specific documentation, please navigate to 'API Docs' > 'Beeswax API Docs' or click here, as API documentation is not included within the Beeswax User Guide. 

Beeswax Offerings

Bidder-as-a-Service™ (BaaS)

Combine best-in-class solutions from across the programmatic ecosystem with your proprietary data, algorithms, and strategies into a seamless platform. With single-tenant architecture, the BaaS platform is divided into walled gardens. With each customer’s bidder deployed in their own cloud instance, you truly own every aspect of your programmatic strategy and execution. BaaS is best for clients with engineering resources who want full control over every aspect of architecture, data, and functionality.

Why BaaS?

  • Full white label capabilities
  • Custom optimization
  • Extensible APIs
  • Access to the programmatic ecosystem
  • Complete range of DSP UI features
  • Professional Services: FreeWheel’s Professional Services team is available to answer even your most technical questions and ensure you can make the most out of BaaS.

For Beeswax API documentation, please visit


With the Beeswax DSP, plan, set up, and scale with powerful custom optimization technology – without coding your own algorithms from scratch. It makes Beeswax’s unique core features – custom optimization, granular data transparency, and flexible workflows – available at scale. With the Beeswax DSP, you can test Beeswax’s key capabilities and break out of the black box. The Beeswax DSP is best suited for clients who want control over their campaigns without building their own solutions.

Why Beeswax DSP?

  • Custom optimization
  • Data transparency and reporting
  • Workflow customization and integrations
  • Extensible APIs
  • Complete range of DSP UI features
  • Managed Service: FreeWheel’s ad operations and trading experts are available to assist with trafficking, trading, and optimizing.

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For API documentation for Beeswax, please visit

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