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Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Trafficking within Beeswax is a fundamental process of managing and optimizing Campaigns across various platforms and channels. Beeswax plays a crucial role in the programmatic buying process for Advertisers by providing both a DSP and BaaS offering, click here to read more about the Beeswax offerings. Trafficking, in this context, encompasses tasks such as creating a campaign, targeting specific audience segments, selecting ad creatives, and monitoring performance metrics. Additionally, Beeswax has different data offerings that help traffic campaigns and involves leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to optimize ad delivery and maximize campaign ROI.

Accessing Trafficking Module

To access the Trafficking module, click the Trafficking menu at the top of the screen in Beeswax


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Trafficking Module Contents



Trafficking Features

The areas listed below are important for understanding how a Campaign may be trafficked effectively. 


Advertisers sit at the top of the hierarchy amongst Advertisers, Campaigns and Line Items. Create an advertiser in your account to assign a campaign, then a line item for successful Campaign workflow.


Creating a campaign allows creating particular settings like start/end dates and budget for a group of desired line items. The line items associated with a campaign can be relative to one another, which could be a reason they are grouped together for a particular campaign.

Line Items

A Line Item is the part of the campaign that is actually working within the Buzz system. It corresponds to a given buying activity, defined by a bidding strategy, targeting criteria, and associated creatives.


Creatives are associated to line items and contain the actual graphic that will serve during flight. 

Campaign Trafficking Workflow

In order to start successfully trafficking campaigns in Beeswax, there are certain steps that need to be completed. Beeswax takes a hierarchical approach to getting started with campaigns, so certain steps need to be completed prior to others. The steps needed to start running campaigns are as follows:

UI Steps

UI Step

Create an Advertiser

UI Step

Create a Campaign and associate to the Advertiser

UI Step

Create a Line Item and associate with the Campaign

UI Step

Add a Creative and Associate with Line Items