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Contextual targeting is the automated process of matching ad placements to relevant target inventory without relying on user IDs or cookies. This helps media buyers easily identify valuable impressions and reach the right viewers in a privacy-forward manner across a fragmented ecosystem. Contextual targeting also provides brand safety and brand suitability by automatically excluding sensitive content or topics.

How it Works

Beeswax’s partnership with key industry partners for contextual targeting makes programmatic buying a more flexible, scalable, and effective experience. 

Targeting: Beeswax customers can directly target the following categories available in Beeswax’s Targeting module at no additional cost. The values are defined by each exchange independently. 

  • Content Category – select from the IAB content categories for the targeted page content.  
  • Content Rating – select the age-appropriate audience for the targeted page content. 
  • Language – select from the list of languages for the targeted page content.
  • Predictive Audiences - dynamic segments with automated optimization around trending content.
  • Custom - unlimited custom targeting powered by safety and predict segments.

Partners: The following partners are integrated directly into Beeswax platform for usage (with CPM fee). Most offer custom contextual segments in addition to their standard taxonomies. See Beeswax Data Partners

  • Comscore
  • DoubleVerify
  • Grapeshot
  • Integral Ad Science

Custom 1st Party: Beeswax customers can implement custom 1st & 3rd party contextual segments by utilizing a custom data augmenter. Customers can key on any field available in our OpenRTB proto to apply their own segments.

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