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Invalid traffic (IVT) reporting includes a number of fields/dimensions that provide measures on invalid (‘non-human’) impressions delivered.

Invalid traffic reporting is currently available for creatives with MOAT viewability tracking implemented. Metrics can be found in the performance report and inventory report in query tool. 

Invalid Traffic reporting is only available on traffic served in a web environment or in-app where the MOAT SDK is present. 

How it Works

The below creative template/MOAT integration combinations will provide invalid traffic reporting:

Creative TemplateHow to Implement
VAST 2.0 InlineSelect “MOAT Web Viewability” under “Creative Attributes” in the Edit Creative screen
VAST 2.0 Wrapper with MOAT ViewabilityNo additional action needed when using this template
Any Banner TemplateSelect MOAT Banner Tag under creative add-on

Below are the available invalid traffic measures/dimensions in reporting (available in performance & inventory reports):

NameMeasure or DimensionsDescription
Invalid ImpressionsMeasureNumber of Invalid Impressions as measured by MOAT
Measurable Invalid ImpressionsMeasureNumber of Impressions that were Measurable for Invalid Impressions by MOAT
Invalid Imp %MeasureInvalid Impressions / Impressions
Invalid Impression Reason CodeDimensionThere are three reason codes:
Automated Browser Data Center Traffic

Incongruous Browser

Measurement Vendor NameDimensionThe vendor used to measure, in this case “MOAT”

Reason Codes Definitions (as defined by MOAT)

MOAT defines three reason codes for why an impression was tracked as Invalid

  • Automated Browser: Impressions determined to originate from an automated browser
  • Incongruous Browser: Impressions determined to originate from a browser with an incongruous feature set
  • Data Center Traffic: Impressions determined to originate from a data center

Standard MOAT pricing applies and is listed in the Beeswax user interface. Please note these dimensions will not be available in any logs.

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