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Beeswax enables an instance of Metamarkets for all customers that is accessible via Buzz UI. The "free" version of Metamarkets uses a 0.5% sample of all bid requests (QPS) sent to your bidder instance. This can be used for broad inventory availability queries. 

Deal IDs are an available dimension in Metamarkets reporting. Due to the complexity of reporting out on inventory availability, you will see Deal IDs that do not belong to you nor are open to your buying against them. You cannot  target Deal IDs in Beeswax without explicit permission to do so for that Deal ID from either the publisher who owns the deal, the exchange that offers the deal, or Beeswax (if it is a publicly usable PMP). Please confirm with your Beeswax Customer Success Manager if you are unsure about any particular Deal ID. Additionally, if you would like to export reports via email, please reach out to your Beeswax Customer Success Manager to set this up. 

Advanced Metamarkets

Metamarkets premium reporting includes dashboards for bids, wins, reach and frequency. All data in the dashboards can be broken out by campaign ID/name, line item ID/name, and creative ID/name. These dashboards are available for a monthly fee. If you would like access, please speak with your Beeswax account manager.

Bids & Wins

Bids & wins reporting includes the fields provided in the standard metamarkets dashboard view, with additional metrics for bid/win data:

  • Bids: Count of bids submitted to exchanges
  • Impressions: Count of wins
  • Win rate: wins/bids
  • eCPM: effective CPM
  • Avg. Bid Price: Average bid price submitted to exchange
  • Avg. Win Bid Price: Average bid price paid for an impression

Reach & Frequency

Reach & frequency dashboard metrics:

  • Reach: Number of unique cookies or mobile device IDs reached
  • Avg Frequency: Average number of times a unique user was reached (Impressions divided by Uniques)
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