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Advertisers are groups of campaigns and creatives. Usually, advertisers are entities who are paying the bills for running the ads. 

Create New Advertiser

To create a new advertiser, navigate to Trafficking > Advertisers > select New Advertiser.

Essential Settings

Start with filling out all the required fields (marked with red asterisk) in the Essential Settings section: 

  • Fill in the Advertiser Name, Advertiser Domain, and Advertiser Category. 


Next, proceed to enter the Default settings for your advertiser such as:

  • Default Continent, Default Currency, Default Click URL and Preset settings. These settings are applied across all objects: campaign, line items, and creatives. These objects auto-populates field data as set at the Advertiser's level.

  • Default Continent and Default Currency are set at the account level. Go to Admin > Settings > Miscellaneous section for making any changes. 
  • The default preset settings at the object level will get applied to a new object. Learn more about Presets.

You can also upload a Default Creative Thumbnail:

Once successfully uploaded, you can preview your uploaded thumbnail on the right. 

SKAd Tracking

SKAdNetwork is only applicable if you are running mobile app install campaigns on iOS 14 and:

  • is not applicable for iOS 13 or older
  • is not applicable on Android
  • is not applicable to re-engagement or retargeting campaigns on iOS 14.

If you enable SKAd Tracking, you must set the Advertiser App Bundle attribute. Learn more about SKAd Tracking.

To enable SKAd Tracking, set the toggle button to YES.

Click Create & Close once you have entered all the required fields information to create an advertiser; you will then be redirected to the Advertisers list view page. 

Summary Page

From the Advertisers list view page, you can choose your desired advertiser to view its Summary page. Here you can view all the Essential Settings, Defaults, and other details entered while creating the advertiser. 

General Page

On the General page, you can edit or update information for your advertiser. This includes Essential Settings, Defaults, and SKAd Tracking.

Once you make an update, the Save button will enable for saving the changes. 

Activity Log Page 

The Activity Log page shows all the changes made to your advertiser's account. 

Update Advertiser Elements

Edit Advertiser Name
  1. To change an advertiser's name, hover over the name and click the pencil icon and enter a new name. 

  2. Once you have entered a new name, click the check box to complete the change and the name will update immediately.
Edit Advertiser Element
  1. To change an element in your Advertiser settings, hover over that element. 
  2. Click on that highlighted element, then you will be directed to the General page where you can make the changes.

Create Duplicate Advertiser

  1. To duplicate an advertiser within the edit mode, click on three-vertical-dots button.

  2. Once you have clicked on the Duplicate button, you will be directed to the Essential Settings page to finish all the required fields information for setting up your duplicate advertiser. 

Inline Edit

On the Advertisers list view page, you can edit items directly on the list view page. 

  1. To edit a list view item, enable the Edit Mode toggle button. 
  2. Once the Edit Mode is enabled, you can change an advertiser's name, status, and Alt ID. 
  3. Select Save Changes at the bottom of the page to continue.

Bulk Edit

You can bulk edit multiple advertisers. 

  1. To bulk edit, select the checkbox next to your desired advertiser.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select Edit Overview button to get redirected to the Edit page.
  3. At the Bulk Edit page, select the checkbox next to the field name that you want to edit. 

You can bulk edit Essential Settings, Defaults settings and SKAd Tracking. You cannot bulk upload creative thumbnails. 

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