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 addCandidateAd, Context
 addCreativeRendition, AdInstance
 addCreativeRenditionAsset, CreativeRendition
 addEventCallbackUrl, AdInstance
 addEventListener, Context
 addKeyValue, Context
 addRenderer, Context
 addTemporalSlot, Context
 commitAdInstances, RendererController
 FreeWheel HTML 5 AdManager
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addCandidateAd = function (id)
Add candidate ads for the request to FreeWheel Ad Server.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.addCreativeRendition = function()
Create a creative rendition clone for translation, and add it to current ad’s creative rendition array.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.addCreativeRenditionAsset = function(
Add a creative rendition asset to the this creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.addEventCallbackUrls = function(name,
Add the callback url to a specific event.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addEventListener = function(event,
Add listener for a Context event.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addKeyValue = function(key,
Set the key-value pair.
tv.FreeWheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addRenderer = function(url,
Add a renderer with loading URL and match conditions.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addTemporalSlot = function(
Add a temporal slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdManager = function()
Construct a new tv.freewheel.SDK.AdManager instance.
Type of ad unit: midroll.
Type of ad unit: overlay.
Type of ad unit: postroll.
Type of ad unit: preroll.
Type of ad unit: postroll of a live stream.
Type of ad unit: preroll of a live stream.
Player expects ad server to check companion for candidate ads.
Player expects ad server to check targeting for candidate ads.
Player expects multiple creative renditions for an ad.
Player allows video playback statistic report to FreeWheel.
Player reset the exclusivity scope.
Player expects template-based slots generated by ad server.
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.commitAdInstances = function()
Commit scheduled ad instances.
Constants defined for SDK.
An Context instance represents context of an ad request, which is capable of making ad request, parsing response and rendering ads.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.dispose = function()
Dispose this context instance.
tv.FreeWheel.SDK.Extension.prototype.dispose = function()
Dispose the extension when module unloads or AdManager disposes
Type of an IAB ad event.
Event name: Ad accept invitation.
Event name: Ad click.
Event name: Ad close.
Event name: Ad collapse.
Event name: Ad complete.
Event name: Ad expand.
Event name: Ad first quartile.
Type of AdManager event: an ad starts.
Type of AdManager event: an ad ends.
Event name: Ad Concrete event.
Event name: Ad midpoint.
Event name: Ad minimize.
Event name: Ad mute.
Event name: Ad pause.
Event name: Ad resume.
Event name: Ad rewind.
Event name: Ad third quartile.
Event name: Ad unmute.
AdManager Event: ad volume has changed.
Type of AdManager event: adManager is requesting to pause content video.
Type of AdManager event: adManager is requesting to resume content video playback.
Event name: Ad error.
Type of AdManager event: an ad request is complete, either success or failure.
Event name: reseller no ad.
Type of AdManager event: a slot ends.
Type of AdManager event: a slot starts.
Extension class provides methods to implement Extension Modules
FreeWheel JavaScript AdManager requires Android 2.3+, iOS 6+, IE 9+ (DOCTYPE set to HTML5) or latest desktop version of Firefox/Safari/Chrome For detailed information on compatibility, please refer to the page: This file is the documentation of FreeWheel HTML 5 AdManager SDK.