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 addCandidateAd, Context
 addCreativeRendition, AdInstance
 addCreativeRenditionAsset, CreativeRendition
 addEventCallbackUrl, AdInstance
 addEventListener, Context
 addKeyValue, Context
 addRenderer, Context
 addTemporalSlot, Context
 AdManager, AdManager
 commitAdInstances, RendererController
 getActiveCreativeRendition, AdInstance
 getAdCount, Slot
 getAdId, AdInstance
 getAdInstance, RendererController
 getAdInstances, Slot
 getAdVolume, Context
 getAllCreativeRenditions, AdInstance
 getBase, Slot
 getBaseUnit, CreativeRendition
 getBytes, CreativeRenditionAsset
 getCompanionAdInstances, AdInstance
 getCompanionSlots, RendererController
 getContent, CreativeRenditionAsset
 getContentVideoElement, RendererController
 getCreativeApi, CreativeRendition
 getCustomId, Slot
 getEventCallbackUrls, AdInstance
 getMimeType, CreativeRenditionAsset
 getName, CreativeRenditionAsset
 getOtherCreativeRenditionAssets, CreativeRendition
 getPreference, CreativeRendition
 getPrimaryCreativeRenditionAsset, CreativeRendition
 getRenderableCreativeRenditions, AdInstance
 getRendererController, AdInstance
 getSignalId, Slot
 getSlot, AdInstance
 getSlotByCustomId, Context
 getSlotsByTimePositionClass, Context
 getSoAdUnit, AdInstance
 getTemporalSlots, Context
 getTimePosition, Slot
 getTimePositionClass, Slot
 getTotalDuration, Slot
 getUniversalAdId, AdInstance
 getUrl, CreativeRenditionAsset
 getVersion, RendererController
 getWrapperType, CreativeRendition
 getWrapperUrl, CreativeRendition
 handleStateTransition, RendererController
 init, Extension
 isRequiredToShow, AdInstance
 loadExtension, Context
 log, RendererController
 newContext, AdManager
 newContextWithContext, AdManager
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addCandidateAd = function (id)
Add candidate ads for the request to FreeWheel Ad Server.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.addCreativeRendition = function()
Create a creative rendition clone for translation, and add it to current ad’s creative rendition array.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.addCreativeRenditionAsset = function(
Add a creative rendition asset to the this creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.addEventCallbackUrls = function(name,
Add the callback url to a specific event.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addEventListener = function(event,
Add listener for a Context event.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addKeyValue = function(key,
Set the key-value pair.
tv.FreeWheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addRenderer = function(url,
Add a renderer with loading URL and match conditions.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.addTemporalSlot = function(
Add a temporal slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdManager = function()
Construct a new tv.freewheel.SDK.AdManager instance.
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.commitAdInstances = function()
Commit scheduled ad instances.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.dispose = function()
Dispose this context instance.
tv.FreeWheel.SDK.Extension.prototype.dispose = function()
Dispose the extension when module unloads or AdManager disposes
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getActiveCreativeRendition = function()
Get the active creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getAdCount = function()
Get the count of the ads in the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getAdId = function()
Get the FreeWheel ad ID of the ad instance.
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.getAdInstance = function()
Get the corresponding ad instance of this renderer controller.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getAdInstances = function()
Get all the playble ad instances in the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.getAdVolume = function()
Gets the volume of video/audio ads.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getAllCreativeRenditions = function()
Get all the creative renditions of the ad instance.And the primary creative rendition is the first element in the returned array.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getBase = function()
Get the slot base of this slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getBaseUnit = function()
Get the base unit of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRenditionAsset.prototype.getBytes = function()
Get the size of the creative rendition asset in bytes.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getCompanionAdInstances = function()
Get the playable companion ad instances.
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.getCompanionSlots = function()
Get all placeholder companion slots of this ad.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRenditionAsset.prototype.getContent = function()
Get the content of the creative rendition asset.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getContentType = function()
Get the content type of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRenditionAsset.prototype.getContentType = function()
Get the content type of the creative rendition asset.
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.getContentVideoElement = function()
Get content video video/ element
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getCreativeApi = function()
Get the creativeApi name of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getCustomId = function()
Get the custom id of the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getDuration = function()
Get the duration of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Renderer.prototype.getDuration = function()
Get the duration of the ad.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getEventCallbackUrls = function(name,
Get the callback urls for a specific event.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getHeight = function()
Get the height of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getHeight = function()
Get the height of the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRenditionAsset.prototype.getMimeType = function()
Get the mime type of the creative rendition asset.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRenditionAsset.prototype.getName = function()
Get the name of the creative rendition asset.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getOtherCreativeRenditionAssets = function ()
Get other creative rendition assets.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getParameter = function(name)
Get the parameter set on AdInstance level.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.getParameter = function(name)
Get the parameter for a special level.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getParameter = function(name)
Get the value of the specific parameter name.
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.getParameter = function(name)
Get the parameter with a specific name.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getParameter = function(name)
Get the parameter set on slot level.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getPlayheadTime = function()
Get the ad instance playheadTime
tv.freewheel.SDK.Renderer.prototype.getPlayheadTime = function()
Get the ad playheadTime
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getPlayheadTime = function()
Get the playheadTime in seconds of the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getPreference = function()
Get the preference of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getPrimaryCreativeRenditionAsset = function()
Get the primary asset of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getRenderableCreativeRenditions = function()
Get renderable creative renditions.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getRendererController = function()
Get the rendererController object for this AdInstance.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getSignalId = function()
Get the signal Id of the break.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getSlot = function()
Get the slot of the ad.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.getSlotByCustomId = function(customId)
Get the slot specified by the custom ID.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.getSlotsByTimePositionClass = function(
Get all slots in specified time position class.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getSoAdUnit = function()
Get the soAdUnit of the ad instance.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.getTemporalSlots = function()
Get all the temporal slots from the response.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getTimePosition = function()
Get the time position of the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getTimePositionClass = function()
Get the time position class of the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getTotalDuration = function()
Get the duration in seconds of the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.getUniversalAdId = function()
Get the universal ad ID of the ad instance.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRenditionAsset.prototype.getUrl = function()
Get the url of the creative rendition asset.
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.getVersion = function()
Get the version of AdManager.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getWidth = function()
Get the width of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Slot.prototype.getWidth = function()
Get the width of the slot.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getWrapperType = function()
Get the wrapper type of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.CreativeRendition.prototype.getWrapperUrl = function()
Get the wrapper url of the creative rendition.
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.handleStateTransition = function(
Handle renderer state transition = function()
Get the module info of renderer. = function()
Get the module info of translator.
tv.FreeWheel.SDK.Extension.prototype.init = function(AdContext)
Initialize the extension Parameter: an AdContext instance
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdInstance.prototype.isRequiredToShow = function()
Whether the ad is required to be shown by law, usually the ad is a companion ad.
tv.freewheel.SDK.Context.prototype.loadExtension = function(ExtensionUrl)
Load the extension from the given URL
tv.freewheel.SDK.RendererController.prototype.log = function(msg)
Log message via FreeWheel AdManager’s log with prefix of Slot, AdInstance info.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdManager.prototype.newContext = function()
Construct a new tv.freewheel.SDK.Context instance.
tv.freewheel.SDK.AdManager.prototype.newContextWithContext = function(context)
Construct a new tv.freewheel.SDK.Context instance from the given Context instance.